❾-50%}Tythis Andromo, the Banker 5, Each dungeon is treated as a separate collectible for the purpose of obtaining the quests. After payment, you can receive what you purchase in some minutes. ESO Power leveling. The Wolfhunter Collector's Bundle was released alongside Wolfhunter and was retired with the release of Murkmire. If you've been thinking about trying out The Elder Scrolls Online , there's no better time than now. Certain promotional bonus content which was originally available in the Discovery Pack and Collector's Edition is available in the Crown Store as the Morrowind Collector's Pack. The Guiding Light , Lock and Keystone. Murkmire features the new zone of Murkmire, and invites you to partake in an epic relic hunt. It was available again for a limited time as the Thieves Guild Collector's Bundle during the Thieves Guild Anniversary event for 2,